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Bill Hodgson, Peter Roennfeldt and John North invite you to join them on a study tour around Israel to walk where Jesus walked. This is a leadership study in the context, development and expansion of Jesus’ movement. You can join us for an optional tour of Jordan and Turkey to further immerse yourself in biblical history.

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Israel has been called the Fifth Gospel because God revealed Himself to mankind by coming to earth in one particular place…the land we call Israel. The events of the Incarnation have flowed through and impacted history for the last 2000+ years and the places where God was humanly revealed remain available for us to visit today.

Walking the soil of the Holy Land and visiting the scenes of events from the life of Christ will give you greater understanding and clarity about the Good News message of the four Gospels.

Our Shift:m2M study tour will focus on a chronological view of Christ’s life and ministry. We will spend time in Bethlehem and Nazareth learning about His early years. We will visit the wilderness to understand His ministry foundations. We’ll spend four nights in the Galilee discovering Jesus’ ministry training and outreach priorities. Jerusalem will be home for eight nights as we trace the sites associated with the teaching and passion of Christ. Along the way we’ll visit other famous sites like Masada, the Dead Sea, and Jericho.

At each location we will have a licensed guide to give us the information we need to understand the biblical and historical setting of the site. Then our Shift:m2M facilitators will teach from the Word about the life of Christ and what we can learn about His model and methods of disciple making. Imagine standing in the places you’ve studied about in the Bible and focusing on the life of Christ! We guarantee you will never read the Bible in the same way again.


We’re excited to offer two optional extras to this study tour of Israel. Firstly, you can choose to do a three day pre-Israel visit to Jordan. Secondly, you have the post-Israel option of a seven day tour in Turkey exploring the expansion of the early church. Your guide in Jordan and Turkey will be Peter Roennfeldt who has extensive knowledge of both countries.

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