Australian College of Ministries (ACOM)

The Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) has worked with Power to Change to develop two units as supplemental study to the SHIFTm2M process.

The intention of these two units is for those participating in SHIFTm2M to engage with the material in a deeper way, integrating academic study and practical application and allowing for participants who are pursuing theological study to be accredited for their involvement in SHIFTm2M. Both units are accredited at either Undergraduate (BMin, BTh) or Postgraduate (MA Theology) level.

The two units, Introduction to Disciplemaking Movements and Disciplemaking Movements in Contemporary Practice, follow the 5 phases of the movement framework developed in SHIFTm2M. Unit 1 takes an in-depth look at Phases 1-3 (Preparation, Ministry Foundations and Ministry Training) as well building a biblical hermeneutic for studying the life of Christ as a model for disciplemaking and movements of multiplication. Unit 2 builds on the first unit and focuses on Phases 3-5 (Ministry Training, Expanded Outreach and Leadership Multiplication) as well as developing a foundation for understanding Movement dynamics and contemporary examples of movements of multiplication.

These units must be started after students commence the SHIFTm2M process as Unit 1 assessments assume completion of the first half of the SHIFTm2M journey. Unit 2 assessments require learning from the remainder of the process. The material provided in these units will develop a much broader and deeper understanding of the content and principles within SHIFTm2M. The assessments are designed to aid students in applying their learning to their particular ministry context.


  • You can retrospectively enrol in the ACOM units if you have already completed the SHIFTm2M process. There is no need to go through Shift a second time.
  • Study with ACOM may be full-time or part-time.
  • ACOM is Austudy and Fee-Help approved through the Sydney College of Divinity for students who meet the Australian Government criteria. Learn more at StudyAssist.

How to Apply

  1. Let us know that you would like to enrol in the ACOM units. New SHIFTm2M participants can do this during registration.
  2. Apply with with ACOM.
  3. ACOM will then assign you a Learning Support Manager to help you through the process.
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